Your donation can help!

We depend on donors like you to help us with the day to day expenses of inspiring and empowering women who have survived traumatic experiences such as homelessness, abuse, trafficking, imprisonment.  Your donation pays for job and life skills training and connections to wrap around services.

Donate direct with a check to the address below, or click on Square, below

Every penny goes to us if you

Donate Direct to:

TenderLove Community Center

PO Box 65156

Albuquerque, NM 87193

or print and fill out this: Contribution-form

and follow directions to fold and mail


Use the QR code below to go to our Monthly Donation campaign site, and sign up.

On behalf of all of us at TenderLove Community Center, we deeply appreciate your gifts: both monetary and in kind donations. You demonstrate your belief in breaking the cycle of homelessness, empowerment for a better future for under-served homeless individuals, and you move our mission forward. The money from your hands becomes a golden ticket to a brighter future in the hands of all the ladies at TLCC!