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TenderLove Community Center

PO Box 65156

Albuquerque, NM 87193

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TenderLove Community Center is a U.S. non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation; we have a PLATINUM RATING on GuideStar, and can be found on the State of New Mexico, Attorney General’s list of charitable organizations

On behalf of all of us at TenderLove Community Center, we deeply appreciate your gifts: both monetary and in kind donations. You demonstrate your belief in breaking the cycle of homelessness, empowerment for a better future for under-served homeless individuals, and you move our mission forward. The money from your hands becomes a golden ticket to a brighter future in the hands of all the ladies at TLCC!

Ever wanted to clone yourself?


Well, you can’t.  Not yet anyway.


But you CAN clone your money!


We have $17,000 available in matching grants, and just need YOU to make your contribution.  We’ll clone your money and double your investment in creating possibilities for homeless and low-income women.


Now’s the time!




Kerr Foundation will match $7000

$1 x 7,000= $14,000!

Anderson Foundation will match $10,000

$1 x $10,000= $20,000

We are at the #GuideStarPlatinum #NonprofitProfile participation level — we’re committed to the highest level of transparency!