Sewing and Fashion Design

Our inaugural program teaches independence and self-reliance using sewing as the platform. Clients have a tangible sense of accomplishment as they learn sewing skills. They also learn to follow written directions, take projects from beginning to end, design their own projects, think and create independently.


Free Computer Literacy Training

Our free computer literacy training program at TLCC serves to provide our clients with the computer basic computer skills they need to secure employment, advance in the workplace, support personal purposes, and thrive in an increasingly digital society. Tutorials cover a broad spectrum of skills, including creating, saving, and editing a simple Microsoft Word document, Excel, and PowerPoint, creating and using an email account, creating a resume, Web browsing, and downloading and using apps. 


Free GED Prep Classes

Considering that majority of our clients dropped out of high school, TenderLove Community Center [TLCC] offers free General Equivalency Diploma (GED) classes, study guides, and other resources to help them prepare, take, and pass the test, and earn high school equivalency diploma, regardless of when they last went to school. The GED program accepts students year-round and entails a customized learning plan around key concepts and requisite skills in each of the five subjects covered by the test – Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. It affords our clients the opportunity to get the necessary credentials to get a better job, prepare for college, and meet other personal goals.


Financial Literacy 

We at TLCC provide free financial literacy sessions to enhance our clients’ knowledge about managing financial resources and commitments effectively – in the process of gaining the confidence, knowledge, and skills needed to make effective financial decisions and achieve financial independence and well-being. The training sessions cover various financial skills, including setting financial goals, budgeting, saving, spending, borrowing, using credit, building & credit repair, investing, and identity theft. 

Culinary Arts Class

TenderLove Community Center, in cooperation with the New Mexico State University and Bernalillo County Cooperative Extension Service, is pleased to introduce to our program the ICAN (Ideas for Cooking and Nutrition) Classes.
The ICAN program provides hands-on, needs-based education in the areas of healthy food choices, food preparation, food safety, and food resource management. The purpose is to teach eligible participants skills that help them select and prepare healthy foods while learning the basics of sound nutrition. This information is ultimately designed to help families stretch their food dollars and make healthier choices.

Parenting Support & Education

TenderLove Community Center is committed to its mission of helping individuals to achieve stable, self-supporting lives for themselves and their families. We are happy to introduce to our program Parenting Support & Education in partnership with MCH Family Outreach.

  • We educate parents on the fundamentals of child development in this program so they may set reasonable expectations for their kids.
  • We provide information to parents about local services that address parenting and family difficulties.
  • We support parents in identifying and utilizing their parenting strengths.
  • We show parents how to handle and rectify inappropriate behavior as well as appropriate, non-aggressive discipline.


Motivational Training

TenderLove Community Center’s Motivational Training provides the techniques and skills to achieve the things we’ll be proud of, recognize the challenges and learn how to approach them with a positive attitude to get a better outcome in any situation we may face.

Health Education

TenderLove Community Center imparts in its Health Education functional health knowledge, to acquire and sustain healthy habits.

“Come and learn the basics of low-cost vegetable gardening with Seed to Supper. This is a six-week course that will teach you all you need to know to get started growing your vegetables on a budget – no matter what type of space you have. We will discuss different planting methods, soil health, pests, and many more. Participants must be 18+ to attend. Participants who attend AT LEAST 4 of the 6 classes will receive a graduation certificate and a free set of gardening tools.”