Empowering women to lead self-sufficient lives and create pathways for their children to thrive

TenderLove Community Center

We Inspire and Energize homeless, low-income and precariously housed individuals

We are a safe, supportive environment where women can learn life and job skills and make connections to wrap around services

We create a community of educational opportunities with individual support so that women and their families can create positive changes in their lives and their communities

Our Mission

Is to help homeless, near homeless and low-income women, including survivors of domestic violence and  previously incarcerated women  achieve stable, self-supporting lives for themselves and their families.


The Genesis

Debbie Johnson, who is the Founder and Executive Director of TenderLove Community Center, developed a passion for homeless people due to her own experience. She was one time in her life an homeless. She realized that not all homeless people are suffering from any kind of addiction.

Debbie then brought like-minded individuals together to a board that incorporated and created TenderLove Community Center as a non-profit (501c3) organization.

It is our mission to reduce poverty, social exclusion and homelessness and to make a lasting improvement to our clients’ quality of life.

We developed a 12-month program to teach women skills that will change their lives and assist them to secure a job within 3 months of graduation. This provides a practical solution to a barrier these women face when looking for a successful job.

The founding director believed there is a great need in the community that could be met through community support, and that we all should be doing more than simply feeding and housing people.

We believe women can recover from trauma and painful experiences of the past. We will help them break the cycle of homelessness and empower them for a better future to achieve stable and self-sufficient lives for themselves and their families.

TenderLove Community Center is the recipient of the 2015 NMCEH award for Most Innovative Program, and a 2015 CHISPA Award from NewMexicoWomen.org