Our first in-person Gala since the pandemic, and possibly our most successful gala yet, in spite of some problems with A-V and sound equipment!

And how could it not be wonderful? We had Halley Smith and her band for our welcome music (and we all wish we could have scheduled them for longer!); Ancient Bones for music during our pause for dinner; Brian Colon, former NM State Auditor, and now managing partner for the law firm of John Singleton Schreiber, as our masterful Emcee; Rodney Prunty, President and CEO of United Way Central New Mexico as our first speaker; and Lt. Gov. Howie Morales, who made a special trip to Albuquerque just in time to be our closing speaker.  How could any organization be so fortunate to have the support of these three amazing men who have done so much for nonprofits in New Mexico? We are so fortunate that the hard work of the past ten years is being honored and recognized.

One of our board members bought a table for our clients, who dressed up gorgeously, and volunteered as table guides for our guests as they came in.

We had lots of welcome new guests, and lots of welcome returning guests. It was great to catch up with old friends and meet new people, who seemed to be as excited about TenderLove Community Center as we all are.

All-in-all, it was a great event.  Next year, maybe dancing?

Because of the A-V issues, we were unable to share the photos and biographies of our 2023 Heroes, but they are posted here at our HEROES page.

We only showed a small part of the videos that Dr. Daniel Olufemi compiled.  The first was a compilation of congratulatory videos by leaders in the nonprofit community in Albuquerque, and by long-time volunteers.  You can view it here: Congratulatory Videos.

The second was a compilation of testimonials from some of TLCC’s clients over the past year. As always, it is amazing to see and hear what these people have been through and how TLCC has helped.  Click this link to see the Client Testimonials.