Poverty & Homelessness

Voices from the Fringe – Written by Daniel Olufemi, Ph. D.


Over the past ten years, TenderLove Community Center (TLCC), the publisher of Poverty & Homelessness – Voices from the Fringe, has been a beacon of hope and healing for underserved populations: the poor, the homeless, ex-prison inmates, those with substance abuse addictions and mental health concerns, and victims of domestic violence. Through its educational, financial literacy, job training, health and wellness, motivational, recreational, and counseling programs, it has helped individuals and families overcome their challenges to become self-sufficient and enjoy happy lives. On that note, this book marks a significant milestone in the organization’s support for the underserved, especially in amplifying their narratives, whereby they are not just mostly seen but also heard as deserving members of our community. It suffices to say that, like its other undertakings, the writing of the book exemplifies the dedication of its management, staff, and volunteers and the extraordinary generosity of its distinguished and indefatigable donors who have continued to collaborate with the organization to create a safe and nurturing environment to meet the needs of the underprivileged.

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