Mending Lives one stitch at a time

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What we do

We create

a community of connections with individual support so that vulnerable individuals and their families can create positive changes in their lives and communities.

We are

a safe, supportive environment where individuals recovering from domestic violence, incarceration, traficking, marginalization, can learn life and job skills and make connections to wrap-around services.

We engage

individuals in programs that are matched to their interests and their talents.

We promote

individual responsibility and community awareness.



“Ms” primer:   A friend who is not yet 40 years old recently told me that she thought that “Ms” and “Miss” were the same thing and I realized that the reason people haven’t addressed me properly in years is because there is a general ignorance about the purpose...

One of our starfish

This letter was part of the package that was sent to Silver Horizons to nominate our founder and Executive Director, Debbie Johnson, to the Senior Hall of Fame.

#GivingTuesday #Giveafish #Tenderloveabq

October and November are busy months for us, as we are preparing for graduation, compiling reports for grants we've received, and we are buckling down to make those big grant applications that require multiple pages, multiple wrtiers, and multiple proof-readers. At...

In Defense of Sewing Machines

More than just a sewing machine, we give women in our program a chance to see themselves as capable, independent human beings. Sewing is just the platform, and helps provide two very important and fundamental things for women living in the margins of our society: a creative outlet, and tangible proof that they are capable.

About sloppiness

When I was 13, my mother told me that I was a slob.  She said it as if it was a given; something that she and I would have to live with for the rest of our lives, but we not only didn't have to be happy about that, we should add it to a long list of my detriments that...

More than a Pillow

Check out our Events Page:  We're restarting our monthly sales! These sales are great for TenderLove and for our students: for any items made by the students with TenderLove materials, the students get 50% and TenderLove gets 50%.  For TenderLove, those funds go...


Official launch of TenderLove Community Center Capital Campaign for housing for homeless women in our program and a new building

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