We need several things that we just don’t have the resources to obtain for ourselves. If you can help with any of these, please call (505-349-1795) for arrangements

We can’t fit everyone in with the mixture of tables and desks we’re using; we need 30 “junior executive” type desks: 22″ d x 36″ w (roughly) with drawers on one side

– Bathroom supplies: paper towels, cleaners
– Office supplies: paper, printer ink, pens, pencils
– “To Go” boxes for our lunches
– Sewing kit supplies: scissors, measuring tape, seam-rippers (don’t tell Debbie we use these!), marking chalk, etc.
– Notions: Zippers, snaps, facing, buttons, hemming tape, etc
– Fabric: especially in sizes greater than 2 yards!

WORKING Sewing Machines
Preferably new, we’ve received over 2 dozen sewing machines from kind donors. Many of these are well-used, and quite a few of them are on their last breathe, while others refuse to work at all. Our VOLUNTEER awesome sewing machine repairman has done everything he could.┬áIF YOU HAVE, or can find or buy us A NEW, WORKING SEWING MACHINE, you would have our undying gratitude. We would even put your name on it, so that every time a student uses it, she could breathe you a “Thank You.”

While we supply our students with bus passes if they need them, riding the bus system in Albuquerque can sometimes mean hours for our students to commute. A car could provide crucial transportation options AND would make it possible for groups of students to go to exhibits, craft shows, farmers markets and fairs to show off and sell their hand made treasures.

Believe it or not, we have already outgrown our SECOND building, so now are looking for a Third. Our landlord has been delightful and supportive, but we need room to grow AND we need major help with our rent.

A HOUSE to call a HOME
Because the population we serve is homeless, this piece is very important. We have had wonderful help from local shelters, but would like to place our most needy students in a home where they will have the stability to concentrate on themselves and on our program, and a place they can actually sew and practice at home. We have volunteers who can do upkeep and repairs.